Achieve the quality revolution needed to bring La Défense Seine Arche in line with users' expectations

Focus on quality, making the district a thoroughly modern area

For Paris La Défense, the challenge is twofold: maintain its stature among major business districts while pursuing a harmonious development strategy that enhances urban quality of life, with more housing, more services, more shops and more public facilities.

From this perspective, the Seine Arche program west of the Grand Arche represents a key opportunity to reestablish ties between residential and business areas. It will also serve to revive urban cohesion, starting in Nanterre and extending towards the historic axis that links Paris and La Défense. Other business districts, such as Canary Wharf in London, have successfully pursued this path of diversity. Paris La Défense must undergo a similar transformation, transcending its traditional status as a business hub and becoming an attractive “social hub” for employees, residents, students, tourists and other populations.

This transformation is already underway, as can be seen in the Jardins de l’Arche neighborhood. Here, new experiences await residents and visitors, including lively public areas, attractive green spaces and a stronger focus on “soft” modes of transportation. It will also include a denser public transportation network, with the arrival of new lines and stations by 2020.

Paris La Défense is thus embarking on a new adventure as a contemporary, accessible, connected and welcoming city, focused more than ever on the future.

Brochure : New vision, new strategy, new opportunities (march 2015)