Contribute to the international prestige of the french capital region

Enhance one of the main economic drivers in Greater Paris

Located along a major axis in the Paris Region, Paris La Défense is an integral part of the future of Greater Paris as a main economic driver and the symbol of the region's energy around the world. Strengthening the district’s appeal will be a rising tide for the Paris Region as a whole, but it must be part of a coordinated initiative that includes the region’s other major business hubs, like the nearby “Central Business District” (CBD) in downtown Paris, as well as Paris-Saclay, Marne-la-Vallée and Roissy, site of Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. Establishing stronger links among these key centers and combining their strengths will contribute to building a comprehensive and complementary offering throughout the Paris Region, adding to the region’s prestige abroad.

L’EPADESA is working to better identify and express its singularity, focusing in particular on a new brand: “Paris La Défense.” Leveraging the business district's international renown and close ties to Paris, with all the benefits of the French capital, this positioning will undoubtedly bolster the region's standing on the world stage.

Brochure : New vision, new strategy, new opportunities (march 2015)