Living in La Défense Seine Arche : unlock the potential of residential property to generate appeal and a community spirit

A housing offering that reflects the district's economic vitality

The “monofunctional” development model led to the emergence of a major business district. The challenge now is to develop social and human dimensions that have not yet been fully achieved. Housing is the backbone of this ambition. La Défense Seine Arche already boasts one of the most extensive housing offerings of any business district, with 150,000 homes less than 20 minutes away by “soft” modes of transportation.

Today, we must go even further to meet local and regional challenges while offering companies effective and guaranteed solutions for employee housing.

Paris La Défense is destined to become not only a place to work, but also a place to live, thanks to new housing construction: innovative, economic and sustainable homes like those in the Hoche neighborhood in Nanterre, awarded the EcoQuartier label in 2014. It will also feature a diversified offering that promotes home ownership and meets the needs of all populations.

EPADESA thus plans to build more than 400 homes each year. Several development projects, including Les Groues in Nanterre, stand out as symbols of this momentum.

Brochure : New vision, new strategy, new opportunities (march 2015)