Modernize the business district and open it up to the surrounding area

Diversify the La Défense landscape

With 140 buildings, including 70 iconic towers, Paris La Défense meets the expectations of international investors when it comes to office space. However, faced with competing business districts, this offering must remain competitive in the long term. To do so, the project includes a perennial renovation program to anticipate and organize tower refurbishment initiatives.

Following from the quantitative focus of the Renewal Plan, the goal of modernizing the district is now less focused on new projects, privileging pursuit of architectural, environmental and urban quality.
The business district must indeed be “upgraded,” but it is equally important to fully incorporate La Défense into the surrounding urban environment. Modernization is but half the battle: we must also help the area grow and expand, forging links between the business district and its immediate surroundings to create a vaster and more diverse territory.

Paris La Défense requires a more coherent identity, a spirit built upon several prominent assets including the Hermitage Plaza program, Cœur de Quartier in Nanterre, the Gares neighborhood, the CNIT complex, Les Quatre-Temps, etc. The district must also move towards a new functional balance that includes housing, culture and entertainment, where Jardins de l’Arche and the future Arena in Nanterre stand out as trailblazers.

Brochure : New vision, new strategy, new opportunities (march 2015)