The La Défense Seine Arche national interest operation (564 hectares) is run by the public development authority EPADESA, in the municipalities of Courbevoie, La Garenne-Colombes, Nanterre and Puteaux. Its role is to implement an urban project which is exemplary in terms of sustainable development, and be an initiator of innovative and collaborative projects. As a place of economic and social vitality and a strategic area, La Défense Seine Arche enjoys a high level of attractiveness on a local, metropolitan and international level. The challenge is to create a place to live in, with all its aspects, developed through a diversified programme based on a high-quality living environment, a residential housing supply for everyone and sustainable commercial developments meeting international standards.
Accessibility to the leading European business district is one of the exceptional features of its attractiveness. Added impetus is given by its privileged position centrally located in a very large employment and living area only 10 minutes from the centre of Paris, and its existing and future large commercial and recreation facilities such as the Arena being built at the foot of the Grande Arche.
Its accessibility will be further enhanced by the setting of two Eole and Grand Paris Express stations, linking it to the international airports.


Why us 


Management Team

The public development authority is run by a managing director who is appointed by decree by the Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing.

The general economic and financial control service, a body under the supervision of the Minister of the Economy, Finances and Industry, is responsible, along with the chief accountant, for ensuring compliance with the public procurement code and public accounting rules.

Jean-Claude Gaillot, CEO

David Lucas, Deputy managing director, Director of development and urban planning department

Alexandre Valot, Deputy managing director, Director of finance department


There are 16 members in the Board.

  • 6 representatives of the French Government
  • 9 representatives of the local authorities
  • 1 representative of the private sector, designated by the Prime Minister

The Board meets at least twice a year. It is convened by its chairman, who establishes the agenda and chairs the meeting. The meetings are not public and the members are obliged to respect the confidentiality of debates.
The Board, including the chairman and the vice-chairman, are unpaid. The members have a mandate of three years except those who have been appointed by the local authorities, whose mandate automatically ends when they cease to be an elected representative, either of the department, the municipality and/or mayor.
The election of the chairman and of the vice-chairman is requiring the absolute majority of all members present or represented. 


Its objectives

  • to vote the budgeted statements of income and expenditure
  • to authorise the agreements entered into with the government, local authorities and public institutions
  • to close the accounts,
  • to set the general policies for the public authority,
  • to approve the multi-year programmes and the list of operations to be undertaken and how they should be financed,
  • to approve transactions

Our History

  • 1957 : first master plan of La Défense
  • 1958 : Building of the CNIT, an exhibition center dedicated to Industry and Technology, (Emmanuel Prouveau architect)
  • 1958 : Decree of creation of EPAD, La Défense public development authority
  • 1970 : Development of public transportation / RER A express train (La Défense at 5 minutes from Champs Elysées)
  • 14 juillet 1989 : Launch of La Grande Arche (Otto von Spreckelsen Architect)
  • 1992 : arrival of metro Line 1
  • July 2006 : Renewal Plan of La Défense launched by N. Sarkozy
  • June 3rd 2010 : Greater Paris Law is adopted
  • July 2nd 2010 : EPADESA is created